"Now I know my future. My life ends here. Alone. In the Ruins."- Evan Taylor

Evan Taylor is a 17-year-old living in the Eastern Province of The Union, a "Utopian" society built after the second United States Civil War. She lives with her mom, Christine Minelli, her stepdad, Joe Minelli, and her half-sisters, Katie and Rachel Minelli. Evan's father, Eddie McIntyre, the lead singer of the band, Epic Vinyl, left her mom when he found out she was pregnant. Through Eddie, Evan has another two half-siblings. Quinn, a two-year-old sister with red curly hair, and Liam and five-year-old brother with blond curly hair.

The Union Edit

The Union opens with Evan in the Ruins before jumping back to May. Evan finishes studying and then takes her dog Barklyn on a walk but not before her mother tries to persuade her into wearing clothes from her stepdad's clothing line. When she reaches the park she runs into Bryce Vaughn and they start talking about their respective futures. Then next morning Evan wakes in a panic because she overslept but decides to dress nicer due to her conversation with Bryce the day before. She gets on the commuter to meet up with her friends and when she gets off sees her friend Colin and the two walk to their other friend Lisa's house. Lisa proceeds to give her dating advice for the duration of the walk to school.